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Trump rallies Georgians at get-out-the-vote event


The memo:

  • President Donald Trump spoke at a Valdosta campaign rally on Saturday night.
  • He urged Georgians to support Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.
  • Trump called the Jan. 5 election 'the most important congressional runoff probably in American history'

VALDOSTA, Ga. – Saturday, President Donald Trump made a stop in south Georgia to rally support for U.S. Senators David Perdue (R-Ga.) and Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.), both of whom are running in competitive runoff elections on January 5.

The president’s stop in Valdosta could shore up an area of the Peach State where Republicans did well in last month’s general election.

On November 3, Trump carried Lowndes County by a 55-43% margin and fared even better in surrounding counties. Similarly, Perdue finished 15 points ahead of his Democratic opponent Jon Ossoff, and Loeffler was the top vote-earner with 28% of the vote, ahead of then-Republican opponent Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) at 22% and Democratic opponent (and current opposition) Raphael Warnock with 18% of the vote.

Trump encouraged voters at the event to give the same support to Loeffler and Perdue.

“We’re gathered here tonight to ensure, a very important word – ensure, because these are two great, great people, that I know so well, and respected by everybody in Washington and beyond, that David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler win the most important congressional runoff probably in American history,” he said. “I really believe that. I think it’s an American — there’s never been a time like this where you have two at one time.”

He criticized the opponents of both Loeffler and Perdue, warning that the Democrats were promoting a radical left-of-center agenda.

According to Trump, Warnock’s past statements showed views outside of the American mainstream.

“Kelly’s opponent, Raphael Warnock, is a dangerous extremist who is radically opposed to your values,” Trump said. “He said he believes that, quote, ‘Nobody can serve God and the military.’ Oh really? An appalling statement that dishonors the memory and generations of American heroes who fought for God and for our country.”

“Raphael Warnock has openly declared his support for socialism, and he has even praised Marxists all over the world,” he continued. “He once hosted the barbaric communist dictator, Fidel Castro. He likes Castro. He thinks he was a good man. He was a good guy, he said. He falsely slandered patriotic Americans as racists. He called police officers gangsters, thugs and bullies. He supports abolishing cash bail. Look at what happened in New York with their cash bail. No cash bail. No bail. ‘Don’t worry about it. You killed somebody, don’t worry about it, you know. You’re on the honor code.'”

“And he’s declared, quote, ‘Open up the jails,’ Trump added. “Free the violent criminals and prey on Georgia families, children. Now you can’t do that. This is not for Georgia. I am telling you. It might be for some places, and I tell you that, too. This is not for Georgia. I think Raphael has to move to another state. Try it again. Warnock is strongly anti-Israel, and Warnock’s own writings make clear that he believes America is a sinister nation that must be punished.”

Trump also spoke on Ossoff, calling him “a radical left-wing zealot” that had won the favor of avowed socialist and failed Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

“David’s opponent, Jon Ossoff is a radical left-wing zealot who is very proud to be endorsed by Bernie Sanders, Crazy Bernie,” Trump said. “Ossoff supports defunding the police, supports the crazy Green New Deal.”

“Ossoff also supports a crippling nationwide lockdown,” he said. “He wants you to lock your home nice and tight after you’re inside of it. And he passes legislation to let hardened criminals go free, get them out of jail, get them out of jail. Ossoff will be a complete tool for the radical left donors who are trying to buy Georgia’s Senate seats.”

“They believe in what we’re doing,” he added. “But that’s why Ossoff’s donations come from Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and the other liberal places, and they don’t come from Georgia.”

The president continued to dispute the outcome of the 2020 presidential election and his criticism of Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. He told attendees not to allow a recurrence of what he believed happened on November 3 by voting in the January 5 contest.

“This is our country that they are — and you know this, and you see it, but they’re trying to take it from us through rigging, fraud, deception and deceit,” Trump said. “That’s what we saw in the election. That’s what’s going on and it’s happening right now in our country, and we will do something about it, and we’re going to do something about it quickly.”

“And we’re going to be watching on January 5 — we’re going to be watching every element of what they do, this fraud that they perpetrated in our country, we’re going to be watching it more closely than any election has ever been watched,” he added.

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