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Perdue: Ossoff’s dealings with China make Hunter Biden scandal ‘pale in comparison’


The memo:

  • Senator David Perdue joined 'The Erick Erickson Show' on Thursday morning.
  • The Republican discussed a range of issues, including Jon Ossoff's ties to China and Al Jazeera.
  • '[W]e've got a China scandal here in my race that could make Biden and the other scandals like that pale in comparison,' said Perdue.

U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) joined “The Erick Erickson Show” on Thursday morning to discuss his ongoing bus tour, his Democratic opponent Jon Ossoff’s ties to communist China, Democrats’ support of defunding the police, and much more.

In the almost 10-minute interview, Perdue highlighted his “Win Georgia, Save America” bus tour, which has the Peach State’s senior senator traveling tirelessly across Georgia and speaking directly to voters all along the way.

“We made seven stops yesterday on our ‘Win Georgia, Save America’ tour around Georgia, [and have made a total of] 125 stops. Kelly Loeffler is doing the same thing. We’re dividing and conquering, and we’re getting the message out that this is a very extreme choice that we have in this runoff between the Democrat socialist agenda and freedom – that’s what’s at stake here in America,” Perdue said.

While it has been confirmed now that Hunter Biden is under federal investigation for his financial affairs, including potential illicit dealings related to China, Perdue advised that “we’ve got a China scandal here in my race that could make Biden and the other scandals like that pale in comparison.”

Speaking about the CARES Act funding through the Paycheck Protection Program that Perdue helped deliver to hardworking Georgians, the senator outlined, “$15 billion came to Georgia and went to 174,000 small businesses. Now these are the smallest of businesses that have about ten employees on average… The Democrats resisted that. In fact, my opponent laughed at, he said [that PPP was] ‘only for the big companies.’ The hypocrisy in the Democrat Party goes deep. His father took out a $350,000 PPP loan. Stacey Abrams took out a $450,000 loan. And then [Ilhan] Omar’s husband actually took out a $650,000 [loan]. I mean, the hypocrisy of these guys go so deep.”

“The same thing with China, the same thing with Hunter Biden,” he continued. “I mean, we’ve got a China scandal here in my race that could make Biden and the other scandals like that pale in comparison.”

Perdue subsequently explained, “His daddy bought a business, and he is in that business. Now his largest client over the last decade was Al Jazeera – we know them to be a mouthpiece for terrorism – and he had this two year relationship with the Chinese Communist Party directly… [Ossoff] had his hands dirty in the middle of all that and hid it from the people at Georgia. And when got caught, he did amend [his disclosures] finally because that’s a federal violation in a federal filing… And then later in the debate, when I challenged him, he said, ‘Absolutely not – I didn’t work for that PCCW company.’ So this is a kid that just can’t get his story straight, and has nothing to offer the Senate.”

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The Republican also reacted to Joe Biden’s Tuesday visit to Atlanta to rally for Ossoff and Raphael Warnock.

“I mean, we had more people in Cataula, Georgia last night outside of Columbus than [Biden] had in his visit to Georgia this week,” Perdue remarked. “I mean, it’s incredible.”

“But he told the Democrat candidates… ‘stop talking about defunding the police – that’s a loser,'” he continued. “This is the hypocrisy of the Democrat Party. I mean, they want to defund the police. They want illegal immigrants to vote. They want to increase our taxes. They want to confiscate our guns, eliminate private health insurance. I mean, maybe the worst of all, they really want to go back and gut our military again, just like Obama and Biden did in the last administration. And really the craziest of all…they really do want the Green New Deal.”

Thursday’s interview by Perdue was merely the latest in a cascading line of questions being raised about Ossoff’s ties to China.

A report by National Review in recent days highlighted Ossoff’s shifting and allegedly inconsistent explanations for seemingly hiding payments made by a Chinese government-linked media company called PCCW to his foreign film business.

Ossoff refused to provide any evidence to back up his claim that he over-reported a small amount of money from PCCW in the interest of transparency, which he initially claimed was a “paperwork oversight.”

U.S. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) then took Ossoff to task, saying the Democrat is a “trust fund socialist who took money from a company linked to the Chinese Communist Party, then tried to hide it on his financial disclosure.”

In turn, U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Senator-elect Bill Hagerty (R-TN) called on Ossoff to fully disclose the amount of money he has received from PCCW.

The National Review’s report followed an ethics complaint lodged against Ossoff for the alleged discrepancies in his financial disclosures and the revelation that his “millionaire father met with Chinese ‘dignitaries’ while touring a 60-foot yacht he purchased from a China-based shipbuilder tied to Communist Party officials.”

This has raised concerns from media commentators like Dana Perino and Erick Erickson, who essentially argued that China may be targeting Ossoff the same way they targeted Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA).

Perdue’s campaign also released a new video ad on Thursday morning about Ossoff’s “shady” dealings with China.


Georgia’s runoffs will be held on January 5. In-person early voting is currently ongoing.

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