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‘Disgusting’: AJC glorifies Ossoff, Warnock campaigning with rapper who joked about rape


The memo:

  • Monday was a bad one for the credibility of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
  • The AJC published a puff piece on a campaign rally for Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock that featured rapper 'BRS Kash.'
  • Kash has openly joked about rape, and his hit song does not make this revelation a surprise.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution appears to be working overtime to support the candidacies of Democratic Senate candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff.

On Monday, the left-leaning newspaper published a breathless account of an Ossoff-Warnock campaign rally held that day in DeKalb County; among the honored guests was rapper “BRS Kash.”

Kash is mostly known for his 2019 single, “Throat Baby.”

In an interview a couple of months ago, Kash admitted he almost didn’t release that graphic song, which is about women performing oral sex on men.

“I didn’t want there to be a backlash coming at me, so I wasn’t sure if we should be putting this out. But my homeboys wanted me to put it out, so I said, ‘Cool,’ and did it. I really made it for the dudes, but women took so [strongly] to it and took it to a whole other level,” he remarked.

The song’s lyrics begin: “Sexy little bitch, sexy little hoe, I love the way you walk, I love the way you talk. Let a young n*gga come play in your throat, deep-stroke your throat till I make you choke, throat baby.”

Unfortunately, Kash’s thoughts about women don’t stop there.

His campaign appearance for the Democrats on Monday led to the surfacing of an old tweet of Kash’s. The 2012 tweet, which was deleted after being strongly criticized by some Twitter users on Monday, read as follows: “If she stay stop [and] u hit it from da back is it an accident or rape lol.”

The AJC’s coverage on the Kash rally for Warnock and Ossoff, unsurprisingly, did not read like hard-hitting journalism:

AJC Washington correspondent Tia Mitchell was confronted on Twitter about her coverage of the Kash-Warnock-Ossoff event.

NRSC spokesperson Nathan Brand tweeted about Kash, “This is who Georgia Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff had headline their event today. Will they denounce this disgusting individual? Will [Mitchell] update her story to reflect how vile this is? Does the [AJC] feel they should be elevating repulsive individuals like this?”

Responding later, Mitchell had questions on the matter — but of Republicans.

“Is there an official statement?” she asked of the NRSC.

“Official statement?! Shouldn’t Warnock and Ossoff be the ones being asked for a statement? They hosted this guy! Do they stand by these vile comments and this disgusting individual?” Brand responded.

Mitchell then seemingly tried to paint the Republicans as being at fault in the situation, writing, “Shortly after the AJC reported on the concert, Republicans took to Twitter to criticize BRS Kash’s inclusion on the program. Their main criticism was a screenshot that appeared to be from a 2012 tweet referencing rape.”

This came six hours after her original tweet about Kash from the event.

Brand was also one of many on Twitter pointing out that while the AJC had time to glowingly profile Warnock and Ossoff’s “hip-hop” event, the paper seemed to be the only outlet in the nation who missed the breaking news of the day regarding Warnock and the church camp he oversaw while a pastor in Baltimore.

However, the AJC’s issues apparently run much deeper than ignoring other outlets’ reporting on Warnock’s camp scandal. As NRSC senior advisor Matt Whitlock emphasized on Monday, the AJC during this election cycle attempted to conceal Warnock’s 2002 arrest for allegedly obstructing a criminal investigation into abuse at the camp.

“If you’re wondering why Georgia is finding out so much about Senate candidate Raphael Warnock from out-of-state media just weeks before the election, look no further,” Whitlock added.

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