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Stacey Abrams: ‘Republicans do not know how to win without voter suppression’


The memo:

  • Stacey Abrams is now claiming without evidence: 'Republicans do not know how to win without voter suppression.'
  • Her comments occurred Monday in a CNN interview.
  • The remarks come as Abrams' Fair Fight has recently raised over $55M.

Amid an investigation into the voter registration group that she founded, Stacey Abrams is claiming that “Republicans do not know how to win without voter suppression.”

Abrams, of course, has still not conceded Georgia’s 2018 gubernatorial race while simultaneously bashing President Donald Trump for not yet conceding last month’s presidential election.

Without evidence, Abrams told CNN’s “New Day” on Monday, “When we create access to the right to vote for eligible citizens, more people participate, and Republicans do not know how to win without voter suppression as one of their tools.”

This assertion is rebutted by objective evidence in purple and red states across the country; for example, recent election cycles in Alabama have shown that higher voter turnout leads to better results for Republicans in that state.

Abrams in the CNN interview subsequently touted Fair Fight, another voting organization she currently runs, and claimed her work is not “a partisan effort.” This organization has raised more than $55 million since November 3, with Abrams proclaiming that combatting “voter suppression” is a major component of Fair Fight’s work.

Previous reporting has raised serious questions about the organization’s financing and spending, with the specter of Abrams potentially enriching herself off of non-profit work. She has reported drawing an $80,000 salary from Fair Fight, in addition to a $177,000 salary from now-under-investigation The New Georgia Project.

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