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Ossoff continues to lie about Perdue’s support of COVID relief


The memo:

  • Jon Ossoff this week was fact checked by 11 Alive's Verify team, who found his claims on Senator David Perdue's support of coronavirus relief to be 'false.'
  • Despite this public correction, Ossoff has doubled down fact-free.

Democrat Jon Ossoff, who has admitted he doesn’t “get bogged down in the details” himself, is now actively lying about the details of U.S. Senator David Perdue’s (R-GA) support of multiple COVID-19 relief packages for the people of Georgia.

Ossoff was first publicly fact checked on the issue by 11 Alive’s Verify team on Sunday.

The Democratic Senate candidate had recently claimed that Perdue, his runoff opponent, voted to block small business aid earlier this year.

“No, this claim is false. Senator Perdue voted yes on the two bills that came up for an official vote involving small business aid during the pandemic,” 11 Alive explained, correcting Ossoff.

Nonetheless, Ossoff has only doubled down on his false claims as the January 5 election draws nearer.

Ossoff tweeted on Tuesday, “The people have needed help this whole year and David Perdue has opposed all direct relief.”

This statement is also false. Perdue voted in favor of the CARES Act in the spring, which included the first round of direct stimulus checks to the American people.

The Republican also voted last week for the second round of $600 direct relief payments, and this week Perdue emphasized his support for President Donald J. Trump’s proposal that these latest payments be increased to $2,000.

Ossoff’s issues with the truth are not new to this campaign cycle. In his failed 2017 congressional bid, Ossoff was called out by the left-leaning Washington Post for misleading Georgians about his time working for Congressman Hank Johnson (GA-04), including the serious issue of Ossoff’s security clearance situation.

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“Jon Ossoff has made it crystal clear: He has no problem deceiving Georgians in his endless quest for political office. This is not the kind of representation Georgians need in Washington,” RNC spokesperson Savannah Viar said in a statement.

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